About us

PropertyMegaMart is a online platform to get the best real estate deals for you. We form group of like minded people interested in same project to get the maximum possible discount for buyers which they can't get individually. we negotiate with the builder on the behalf of a group and bring a huge saving for each individual. A individual suggest a deal in the project of his interest and then wait for the other like minded people to join his group or joins an already existing group for the same project. Once the group is formed we negotiate with the concerned builder on behalf of the group and bring a huge discount.

To help Indian families buy their dream home.

Looking for a flat in a certain neighborhood or just close to your favorite coffee joint? Property MegaMart looks after all your needs. So why wait, get Started ! Each of our staff is well trained across various aspects of buying residential property we assist you right from narrowing down the various options to selecting the ideal property for you and completing the final paperwork related to the transaction. Rest assured, that our assistance is completely transparent.

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